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5 unhealthy habits we should avoid for healthy lifestyle-common diet mistakes

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5 unhealthy habits in common diet mistakes

Well, getting a fit, amazing body is a hidden fantasy in everyone’s hearts & minds. I’m sure you have come across gyms & fitness studios that are booming with youngsters running on the treadmill, lifting heavy weights & sweating their way out of a flabby body. All these preparations, hard work is for getting a great body which is totally fine but along with exercises & a good diet, people tend to be caught by numerous nutritional mistakes in the disguise of following an appropriate health regime.

5 unhealthy habits we should avoid for healthy lifestyle-common diet mistakes

So, today we are going to spill the beans on all the fads about being healthy & what all you think to be useful but in reality, they are not:

Talking about these facts might be helpful in changing these unhealthy habits for youngsters:

1 Having low-fat OR sugar-free food

Whenever we are in the grocery store, our minds automatically look for products that are marked as low-fat or sugar free & we think that since these foods claim to be sugar free & less in the amount of fat, we can eat these in large amounts, which then produces horrible results.

Low-fat food is not always a good bargain. They are often loaded with saturated fats to make them tastier & as far as sugar-free products are concerned, they add different other substitutes of sugar that have worse effects than sugar. So, it is recommended not to consume these in large quantities, thinking them to be super healthy.

2 Drinking fake fruit juices -common diet mistakes

You may think you are following a healthy diet by having fruit juices, but what you are actually consuming is loads & loads of sugar infused flavored water. Fruit juices only have the fructose of the fruit & the fiber is lost in the whole fruit. So, avoid drinking copious amounts of fruit juices throughout the day. You can always enjoy a whole fruit or smoothies, but not juices.

5 unhealthy habits we should avoid for healthy lifestyle-common diet mistakes
5 unhealthy habits we should avoid for healthy lifestyle-common diet mistakes

Have you seen the several advertisements given by celebrities to help maintain your weight & to look beautiful & fit? Yes, you cannot miss those as they are everywhere. Fruit juices claim to be 100% real, cakes are sugar-free, chips are roasted so less fat & so many more. People get excited when such products are launched in the market & put all their penny into buying them, thinking these to be healthier alternatives, but this is not the case all the time. Things are always not what they claim to be.

3 Do not eat too often

Few people may believe that having small amounts of food at frequent intervals is a great way to maintain body weight, but it can seriously backfire most of the time. ‘Small amounts’ is not a specific amount, so you won’t know how much should you actually consume & having small amounts of food at every interval can make you gain lots of body fat that you have unasked for.

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4 Going on Crash Diets

Let’s face it, there are hundreds & thousands of diets doing the rounds on the internet. From keto, Mediterranean to intermittent fasting, there are so many things. So, if you want to try each of them & go for a crash diet every now & then, you will not only put on extra body fat, but it can also lead to serious health issues where it can affect your physical & mental health badly.

5 Fasting

Intermittent fasting & regulated fasting is great but when you start starving just to lose weight, then it can have serious effects on your stomach, gall bladder & can adversely affect your nutritional status. Fasting can also lead to various nutritional deficiencies & mental health issues.

There are many other unhealthy habits nutritional mistakes that we are going to discuss in our next article. Till then, stay fit!

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