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Arun Narang : BJP MLA beaten up by farmers in Punjab : Capt. Amrinder Promises Action.

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ABOHAR MLA: Arun Narang, BJP MLA beaten up by protestors in Malout, Punjab. This incident happens on Saturday when Arun Narang Visited Malout for a press conference. The local people gathered around after knowing that a BJP MLA entered Malout village.

BJP MLA beaten Beaten in punjab Viral Video:Arun Narang–

Who is Arun Narang ?

arun narang , bjp mla beaten

Arun Narang is a Bharatiya Janata Party politician from Punjab. He has been elected in Punjab Legislative Assembly election in 2017 from Abohar constituency as candidate of Bharatiya Janata Party

Why BJP MLA beaten in punjab?

BJP Mla beaten

Moving further, the protestors didn’t want him to attend his press conference. later on after all understandings he joins the meeting. Crowd of farm protestors trashed him …,

After analyzing the situation, the local police also provide security to the MLA and take him to a near by shop.

After few mins, MLA came out of the shop and was about to leave the area. Meanwhile, the protestors’ anger gets doubled and, they attacked Arun Narang with slippers and tore up their clothes. Shockingly police don’t take any strict action at the moment.

What BJP Party Concluded saying?

The BJP party said through a statement, “The BJP condemns this incident that happened under the Congress government’s protection. The Amarinder Singh government of the Congress is directly responsible for it,”

What CM of Punjab Said?

Adding now, Capt. Amarinder Singh( CM of Punjab) ensures a fair investigation and strict decision against the incident. The Punjab DGP also ensures, that his team will investigate the matter on a priority basis.

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Besides this, BJP workers are facing a head-to-head fight with farmers on farm laws. The farmers were protesting for the past 122 days. The central government and farmers faced more than 20 rounds of discussions on the table. Unfortunately, all of them were unfruitful.

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