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Bhubaneswar Covid Vaccination City Has Achieved 100% Vaccination of its people & Migrant as Well

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Bhubaneswar Covid Vaccination process against Covid-19 virus speeds up. The Municipal Corporation of Bhubaneswar has set a goal to ramp up the Bhubaneswar vaccination drive & it is paving its way to success.

People are having a tough time hankering for the covid-19 vaccine nationwide. There has been a scarcity of vaccines throughout India & people are finding it very difficult to find slots for vaccination. All private & government hospitals are working to ensure 100% immunization & global health, & there’s a constant hustle to provide at least the first jab to the majority.

Bhubaneswar Covid Vaccination City Has Achieved 100% Vaccination
Bhubaneswar Covid Vaccination City Has Achieved 100% Vaccination

States like Maharashtra have been able to vaccinate more than 1 crore people which is a great step towards eradicating the disease. Every state is trying to administer at least the 1st dose of the vaccine to its people so that people have a lower risk of contracting the disease.

Amidst all this, the Bhubaneswar vaccination process has been speeding up big time. Bhubaneswar has administered the 2nd dose to a total of 9,07,000 people above the age of 18. This includes around 5 lakh people aged between 18-45 years.

Bhubaneswar Covid Vaccination City Has Achieved 100% Vaccination
Bhubaneswar Covid Vaccination City Achieved 100% Vaccination

Bhubaneswar Covid Vaccination Process gains?

Bhubaneswar vaccination initiative has also aimed to vaccinate 1 lakh migrant workers in the city as soon as possible. 31,000 health workers have already been fully vaccinated in the Bhubaneswar vaccination drive.

Bhubaneshwar vaccination will leap once the vaccination process begins for kids & teenagers, below the age of 18. The city aims to be 100% vaccinated, along with the administration of the 2nd jab, soon.

Which Covid vaccine is given in Odisha

Health department sources said over 1.3 crore doses of Covishield, more than 20 lakh doses of Covaxin and 1,818 of Sputnik V vaccine have been administered to beneficiaries with a wastage of minus four per cent.{Source:Health department}

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Despite the ongoing Bhubaneshwar vaccination drive, the city is still recording new cases of COVID-19 but the numbers are less as compared to states like Maharashtra. Odisha aims to vaccinate all its people very quickly & Bhubaneshwar vaccination process has paved the way for many other cities, in & out of Odisha, to follow

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