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Congress Claims: BJP used Israeli Pegasus Spyware to Spy opposition Parties Ministers & Journalists

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Pegasus Spyware used by the BJP government to target opposition parties leaders and ministers.

The wire and several other media houses disclosed that the mobile phones of the opposition party’s leaders were targeted by Israeli Pegasus Spyware. The leading party (BJP) is being attacked for spying on the leaders and journalists.

Ashwini Vaishnaw, The IT minister of India has pinpointed the outbursts of ‘over-the-top’ media findings of the ruling party’s use of spyware Pegasus to snoop into the phones of opposition leaders and ministers. Ashwini Vaishnaw asserted that it cant be a ‘co-incidence, that the reports were published a day before the parliament sat for the monsoon session.

According to the database that has been leaked, some of the potential targets are, Ashwini Vaishnaw (IT minister), Rahul Gandhi (Opposition party leader), and Prashanth Kishor (Indian Political strategist), Ashok Lavasa ( Former election commissioner).

Congress Claims: BJP used Israeli Pegasus Spyware to Spy opposition Parties Ministers & Journalists December 2022

The striking feature of this Israeli spyware is that it is exclusive to the ruling government of the country as it does not provides its services to private parties which makes it evident that BJP has misused its power to snoop on confidential information from opposition parties, journalists, and activists.

The UN has set forth that several countries are using the Israeli Pegasus Spyware to spy on ministers, journalists, and activists, that is why advanced surveillance technology is required to protect confidential information.

Ursula Von Der Leyen, European commission chief expressed her disappointment by saying it is highly ‘unacceptable if true.

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The reports of the global collaborative investigation project have unveiled that around 300 Indian mobile phone numbers were targeted by the Israeli Pegasus spyware.

The outbreak of news has sure made people realize that the security of mobile phones is highly questionable.

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