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Happiness Can Help Healing! Covid-19 patient viral videos.. stating Facts” ‘love you zindagi’

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Covid-19 patient viral video on song “love you zindagi” and a 95 yrs old women also seen performing garba steps wearing oxygen mask!

95 yrs old women garba, covid-19 patient viral video,
95 yrs old Covid patient seen performing garba while wearing oxygen mask.

In the Current scenario of Covid-19 situation few Videos are going Viral on social media that boosted the morale of citizens of India ,in that videos Covid-19 patients are listening song and dancing while on the other hand a 95years old woman performing garba steps wearing oxygen mast on a famous Gujarati song .

As In Indian Culture we always respect our guests and Nations pride we also celebrate every occasion with full of pride..

On the other hand India shows a total 379k Covid cases in country as on Tuesday 11 May 2021 and maharashtra is the only state with highest recovery rates in Second wave of Covid-19

Happiness Itself a Medicine! ~ Covid-19 patient viral video

“Love you zindagi” Doctor allows to play song for Covid patient In situation to up lift the patients spirit and making them hail from heart

Dr. Monika lengeh shared the video of patient stating her condition and about her wish to play song .

Doctor writes on Covid-19 patient viral video “She is just 30yrs old & She didn’t get icu bed we managing her in the Covid emergency since last 10days.She is on NIVsupport,received remedesvir,plasmatherapy etc.She is a strong girl with strong will power asked me to play some music & I allowed her.
Lesson:”Never lose the Hope”

“Look at the moment , “love you zindagi”

And On the other hand an 95 yrs old women seen doing garba on gujrati song while fighting with corona wearing oxygen mask .

Have A look at 95 yrs old Covid warrior

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