How Covid-19 Impacted Mental health-India And Recovery Options

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Covid-19 Impact taking a toll on folks mental health.

How Covid-19 Impacted Mental health-India

The pandemic has created a layer of ambiguity amongst the people, it is punishing to stay sanguine in this difficult time. The uncertainty building up with the cheerless thought process continues. It has been over a year that the world has gone through a terrible time and it unfortunately still proceeds to obstruct the normal peaceful lifestyle of the folks.

Covid-19 has caused the deaths of thousands of people, though being a biological disease, it is also drastically affecting the mental health of the people.  With increasing cases, and lockdown being one of the great ways to tackle the scenario, people are advised to stay home and avoid any human interaction.

Interestingly, humans are social animals, and they are used to being around people and interact with them. Studies show that more than 70% of the civilization wants to go out and have fun when under stress.

How Covid-19 Impacted Mental health-India Prisoners
Source: Even prisoners are getting this risk conditions

Covid-19 and mental health-India paradoxical coping strategies.

As already discussed, humans are social animals, and one of the ways to cope with stress, anxiety or depression is to meet and communicate with people. Regrettably, social interactions are a bane more than a boon right now. Going out with family and friends, having fun, watching a movie, going for a picnic or just having a brunch with family is a luxury no one is  entitled to. People are greatly discussing mental health and well-being during the current unfavorable scenario.

Covid 19 and mental health – what is the best we can do?

Looking at the current situation, reaching out to people on any medium is the best, optimum effort on one’s end. Seeking help and providing support to someone who needs help can create wonders and save lives. It is time when we consider mental health and take steps to have a healthy well-being. No one knows when Covid-19 comes to an end, and so, being there for each other, trying to spread alacrity will help the folks to take care of their mental health in the Covid-19 scenario.

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