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How Sandes App better than WhatsApp? Reality Review!

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Government of India has now developed a plus point on the WhatsApp privacy policy issue, the Sandes app is going to be a tough competition for WhatsApp in india, know what are the plus points of using sandes app in the place of WhatsApp. & well Choose Yourself By reading, How Sandes App better than WhatsApp?

Sandes is an application that is made by the Indian Government promoting and executing “AtmaNirbhar Bharat”. The application had been launched by the National Informatic center. The application is a substitute for WhatsApp that has been used by the government official. The Sandes application is now open for everyone to download and use.

How Sandes App better than WhatsApp? Reality Review!
How Sandes App better than WhatsApp?….

The app is originally called GIMS which means government instant messaging app. The government is calling the application as Sandes which means Message in Hindi language. Sandes words is very suitable to this indian chatting app as it represents our culture.

Now the question comes, which one is better? WhatsApp or Sandes, though both the applications are basically same, they do have few notable differences.

WhatsApp Vs SandesApp which is better:

few Differences In Both, which is being marked as highest priority by users

How Sandes App better than WhatsApp? Reality Review!
sandes app vs whatsapp
  • On the Sandes app, you can effortlessly sign in using your e-mail address or phone number as well, but on the other side whatsapp only allows you to register through phone number.
  • The incomparable feature about Sandes app is that you can share videos and photos with up to 500 Mb, whereas Whatsapp only allows you to share videos up to 16 MB.
  • The stunning feature of Sandes app is that one can backup messages on an external location like E-mail, whereas WhatsApp only allows you to back up messages on google drive or icloud.
  • The sandes app has Gimojis which are emoticons that are frequently used by government officials.

Sandes app allows users to link their Aadhaar cards to account for fetching local data as a privacy concern

Few Lacking In sandes app Over WhatsApp

  • Though Sandes app has brand new features but it does not allows you go change number once you have created the account like WhatsApp does. The finger lock feature and screen lock feature of like WhatsApp has is also not available on the Indian App Sandes.
  • The message on Sandes app are end to end encrypted to make sure all the information shared remains confidential.
How Sandes App better than WhatsApp? Reality Review!
sandes app layout :.How Sandes App better than WhatsApp

Overall Sandes app is a great initiative taken by Indian Government to Promote “Atma Nitbhar Bharat”.

How Sandes App better than WhatsApp”

Sandes AppwhatsApp
AvailabilityGoogle Play-StoreGoogle Play-Store
video/imagesshare videos and images in high qualityShare Video and photo after Compress[update might change that]
User Securityyes,yes,
BackupLocal as well as G-driveG-drive & I-cloud
OwnerGovt. Of IndiaPrivate Company
Table showing Sandes app Vs WhatsApp

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