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What is Hijab Controversy in india, karnataka ? Know Start Source & Details Here

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HIJAB CONTROVERSY In India In January 2022, a discord ignited in the territory of Karnataka when Muslim girl students wearing hijabs were declined entry to the junior college. Over the period of time, this eventually continued and spread over to the other schools and colleges in the subsequent weeks.

Pertaining to this, the Karnataka government made an announcement on 5th February 2022, that all the schools and colleges strictly need to follow the code of uniform and no exemption would be made for the wearing of hijabs.


The following course of events sparked intensified controversy over the issue entirely all over the nation, questioning the verdict of the Karnataka government. In observance of the following order, certain schools denied entry to Muslim girls wearing hijab, due to which several petitions were filed against the resolution.


Looking up into the matter, The Karnataka high court, thus, announced on the 8th of February a complete constraint for all the students on wearing any form of religious attire. Following this, intense protests and disputes broke out against the decision of the government, and the schools and colleges were closed down for a period of three days.

Again when the schools reopened the students were asked to remove the hijabs at the school gates in regard to the implementation of the high court order.

The Hijab ban was criticized not only in India but at the international level too. The dignified organizations and personalities such as Malala Yousafzai and The Human Rights Watch also questioned the decision. The Muslim population comprises around 13% in the state of Karnataka and the Muslim Women population seeking higher education is around 15% which has risen greatly over the past few decades as per the statistics.

hijab controversy in india

A number of Muslim women consider Hijab to be an integral part of their religion and an indispensable part of Islam. They wear it with their own will and desire because they wish to follow their religious beliefs and norms.

The Bharatiya Janta Party for securing their empire in the state has adopted Hindu nationalist policies to establish their dominance and for the sake of the vote bank of the majority. They are implementing the policies and amendments considering only the Hindus and which are in favor of them to attain the trust and support from the people.

The religious beliefs and subjects are being irrationally dragged and involved in politics and thus questioning the basic human rights, the Right to education for Muslim girls, and the right to follow one’s own religious morals. The Muslim girls and several people have revolted against this ban, arguing that they cannot be denied education on the pretext of following their religion and their willingness to wear the religious attire.

The students and the Muslim girls are coming forward, raising their voices and claiming that wearing the hijab is a practice of their own faith and not a public display of religious practice, thus it is absolutely wrong to prohibit one from its fundamental right of equality as stated in Article 14. The protests are continuously sparking up and provoking unrest in the state of Karnataka.

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Numerous politicians, as well as celebrities, have raised their voices against the decision of the government, including Rajiv Gandhi, Swara Bhaskar, Javed Akhtar, and many more. The issue is still a highly controversial and heated topic all over India, and the Muslim girls are demanding the withdrawal of the verdict of the hijab ban in Karnataka.

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