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Importance of Nutrition in Pregnancy| pregnancy nutritional requirements, Part-4

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Importance of Nutrition in Pregnancy – Part 4

Pregnancy nutritional requirements:

Minerals are very important for a smooth & healthy pregnancy. They help in the regulation of blood sugar, formation of bones, transport of oxygen, regulation of immunity, development of the baby & help in fetal growth & improves various other important aspects of health.

The required amount of minerals can be taken by consuming foods rich in those particular nutrients or by taking supplements to meet the requirements. Deficiency of important minerals can cause serious ailments & may risk the health of the child & the mother both.

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So, here we will talk about the Minerals requirements of a pregnant lady.

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nutritional pregnancy diet Minerals – Requirement


It helps in the formation of strong & healthy bones of the baby. It also helps in regulating the body fluid & is extremely important.

2 doses of calcium, 500 mg each is required per day for a pregnant lady.

You may take supplements after consulting your doctor.

Few food sources that meet the nutritional demands of a person during pregnancy are:

Milk, cheese, dark green leafy vegetables, kale, lettuce, Shrimp, yoghurt.

Importance of Nutrition in Pregnancy| pregnancy nutritional requirements


This helps in increasing the blood flow to the baby & enough oxygen is then supplied to the child. Important nutrients are also delivered to the child through the mother’s blood.

27 mg of iron per day is required by a pregnant mother.

Foods containing iron are dates, eggs, red meat, quinoa, iron-enriched cereals, etc. that should be consumed regularly to keep up the iron levels.

Importance of Nutrition in Pregnancy| pregnancy nutritional requirements


It helps to relax the muscles & prevents the muscles of uterus from premature contracting. It also helps in building strong teeth & bones of the baby.

350 mg of magnesium per day should be consumed by pregnant mothers.

Foods containing magnesium are peas, green beans, pumpkin seeds, chickpeas, raspberries, bananas, asparagus, Brussel sprouts etc.

Importance of Nutrition in Pregnancy| pregnancy nutritional requirements

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