India is a developing country & the citizens often face problems like a shortage of water due to droughts, famine, or flood, or sometimes they have to drink contaminated water because of the lack of availability of pure, safe water for human consumption.

However, the Odisha government on Monday declared that inhabitants of Puri will now be able to drink water directly from the tap as it is pure, free of pollutants & safe. There is no storage system or filtration process. Citizens can fetch drinking water readily from any tap in the city. It will be available incessantly.

Puri Odisha Becomes the 1st City in India for the Safest Tap Drinking Water 24x7
Odisha Becomes the 1st City in India for the Safest Tap Drinking Water 24×7

This accomplishment also includes a 24/7 customer helpline with IVRS for any issue of complaints, a mobile water-testing lab, a quick response team for any problems faced regarding this situation.

Chief Minister Words Puri Drinking Facility

Chief Minister of Odisha, Naveen Patnaik said, “Puri is the first city in the country to implement the Drink from Tap project. The abode of the Lord Jagannath is at the forefront. The metro cities do not have this facility either. Today, Puri has joined the world’s largest cities league, including London, New York, & Singapore”.

This initiative is a ground-breaking step towards the formation of a better India. A continuous supply of clean, pure water will ensure its citizens & a large number of tourists visiting the place with safe drinking water & also reduce the usage of around 3 crore plastic bottles.

Puri Odisha Becomes the 1st City in India for the Safest Tap Drinking Water 24x7
Safest Tap Drinking Water 24×7

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This agenda was part of ‘The Sujal Mission’ which was launched on the 13th of October, 2020 to provide safe drinking water to all the citizens of the city. On 26th of July, 2021, it bore brilliant fruits & we cannot appreciate the result enough & the people of Puri are definitely proud & celebrating.

Hopefully, we will find more cities providing this facility in the near future.

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