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Maternal Health: Required Nutrition during pregnancy healthy diet July-2021

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Maternal Health: Required Nutrition during pregnancy healthy diet

Pregnancy healthy diet: Nutrition during pregnancy is the first requirement for healthy child, maintaining healthy diet plans with daily workout is all that pays. Maternal Health as well as child care at the time of pregnancy needs Proper Nutrition Management

A 3.2 kg full term infant is born with about 300ml of blood, 500g of proteins, 30g of calcium, 15g phosphorus, & about 300 – 400 mg iron. The baby derives all this from the mother. So, the additional dietary requirement of the mother increases to support the health of the baby as well as her own self.

Additional requirements of the mother

  1. A 20% – 25% increase in the Basal Metabolism Rate (BMR) of the mother during later stages of pregnancy
  2. Formation of the placenta requires significant amount of nutrients.
  3. Blood loss during parturition causes the loss of many important nutrients that need to be replenished.
  4. Growth of the fetus & the mother’s body requires wholesome nutrition.

Pregnancy health – Required Additional Energy

The total energy demands of the mother during pregnancy is around 40,000 – 88,000 kcal. Out of this 36,000 kcal is stored as 4kg fat in the mother, of a total weight gain of 12.5 kg.

From 3 – 6 months, the increased energy is essential for the mother for blood expansion & the growth of uterus, breasts & fat stores. While in the last months, increased energy is required for the growth of placenta & the baby.

So, the additional requirement of energy is 150 kcal per day in the 1st trimester.

Food that Should Be Consumed during pregnancy For extra energy demands

Consumption of complex carbohydrates like oats, quinoa, brown rice, corn, brown bread, rice, wheat, barley, ragi can help meet the additional nutritional requirement. Fruits like bananas, berries, mangoes, apples, grapes, etc. are packed with carbohydrates as well as fiber that can be a good & healthy source of energy.

Vegetables like sweet potatoes, avocados, carrots, turnips should also be added.

Maternal Health: Required Nutrition during pregnancy healthy diet

Try to avoid refined energy source like refined wheat flour (maida), pasta, chips, white bread, deep fried food, burgers, French fries etc.

Maternal Health: Protein Demands

During pregnancy, the additional protein demand is about 950g. In order to convert this amount of protein to tissue protein, an additional 70 – 100 g of daily protein is recommended to the mother.

Maternal Health: Required Nutrition during pregnancy healthy diet July-2021
Maternal Health: Required Nutrition during pregnancy healthy diet July-2021

Protein is required for the proper physical & mental growth of the child. It is also important for increased blood supply to the baby. The protein demand may increase after every 3 months. The Requirements for Child Nutrition as well as proteins may rise after this development period.

Food That Should Be Consumed during pregnancy For Extra-Protien Demand

For non-vegetarian mothers, lean meat & fish can be a very good source of protein. Chicken, lean beef, pork, mutton can be eaten. Fishes like salmon, catla, rohu, prawn, & any other available local fishes can be consumed. Eggs can be consumed every day.

Vegetarian people should consume soyabean, cottage cheese (paneer), tofu, nuts, pulses like green lentils (moong dal), red bean lentils (rajma), Bengal gram, chickpeas, vegetables like beans to meet additional protein requirements.

Bottom Line Clarification !

Regular intake of proper food is very necessary for the maintenance of health during pregnancy. The body goes through some serious physical & mental changes during this time that requires your attention to keep up.

Eating a healthy & balanced diet will help you achieve a good state of mind & body & it will also help you take care of your child’s growth & proper functioning. Thus, take care of your health & well-being for a better living.

I hope this article helped you understand the energy & protein demands of your body during pregnancy.

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To know more about nutrition during pregnancy, we will come out with part 2. Till then, hold tight!

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