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Aggressively, Urfi Javed opens up on Her Bold & Nude News Sensation to Media Reports

Urfi Javed is a social media personality and well-renowned trendy contestant from BIGG BOSS OTT who has remained much in the news highlights and buzz after her eviction from the house. She was the first contestant to be evicted from the BIGG BOSS house after her connection Zeeshan Khan trenched her over choosing a much-recognized figure Divya Agrawal.

She was eliminated in the first week after the nominations. Since then, she has remained much in the news. Last year back in the month of September a false rumor started speculating among the people wherein the actress was misunderstood as Javed Akhtar’s granddaughter. Shabana Azmi stepped up and took on the social media handle to clear out that Urfi was not related to their family in any way and to please stop the circulation of the wrong news.

Soon after, the actress also came forward to clear out the misconception buzzing over the media and claimed that she was not related to Javed Akhtar by any means and that these false rumors were just the tactics to degrade the name of Javed Akhtar and put him down on the pretext and the choice of her own outfits and clothing style.

She questioned people about why she was judged merely upon the factor of the clothes she decides to wear, she said there is more to individuality rather than just the clothes and the people need to start realizing that soon.

Post her BIGG BOSS appearance she has acted in several TV shows including Bepaannah, Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhaniya. Chandra Nandini, Kasauti Zindagi Kay and many other shows.

Urfi Javed opens up on Her Bold & Nude News Sensation to Media Reports
Urfi Javed opens up on Her Bold & Nude News Sensation to Media Reports

In a conversation with RJ Siddharth Kannan Urfi opened up about her toxic childhood and struggling years of youth where she had been a victim of both mental and physical abuse from her very own father. She talked about how her family and relatives called her out as a porn star when they discovered her photos uploaded on an adult website. She and her sisters were denied from raising their own voice about their choices and declined to choose whatever they desired, therefore they all had to flee away from their house and worked hard towards paving their way.

Furthermore, she recently remained in the limelight when she came forward and called out a casting director who was exploiting young girls in the substitution of work in the music videos. She accused him that he had declined her of her due payment. Soon after, several women came in support of her who were also approached earlier by him and later bullied and sexually exploited.

She decided to raise her voice against such evil sexual predators who should be held in charge of not only the wrongdoings but also abusing and taking advantage of young women. Many celebrity icons such as Priyank Sharma also came in favor of Urfi and supported her.

When Javed Urfi demanded her payment from the director she was refused one’s money of hard work and instead slut-shamed by him. Later, from the police reports, it came out that Obed Afridi had signed such contracts with nearly 40 girls and stipulated photos from them.

She is often been trolled and rebuked on various social media platforms for her bold and uncanny choices of fashion and revealing outfits, but she always chooses to be in her own way no matter what the world says or accuses about her.

Engaging in a conversation with Koimor, she expressed that she was ready to do the nude scenes if it falls into the requirement of the film. She even opined about how she wouldn’t go just nude because of the sake of it but it was an actual necessity for the plot of the film and it could outshine her acting skills. She spoke about how she is comfortable doing such scenes while working with directors like Sanjay Leela Bhansali because she was utmost faith in him.

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