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What food makes you lose weight Myths Clearing Facts & Research

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4 Things that will NEVER make you Lose Weight

We all agree that everyone starts to get a little upset when they find themselves gaining weight. We tend to become more conscious of our bodies & look for validation from other people. This in itself is a toxic behavior as our main concern shifts from being healthy & fit to just losing that ‘weight’.

Weight loss and nutrition myths

A person should focus more on being active, peaceful & physically as well as mentally sound rather than only focusing on which direction the pointer of the weighing machine is going. People are also very reluctant about following a healthy lifestyle & gets tempted by various shortcuts that eventually don’t work in the long run & they enter a state of disappointment.

So, here we are going to discuss about few things that are popular among people who want to lose weight but are actually not serving the purpose:

1) Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar

 Few people including celebrities are known to drink this awfully sour & unpleasant liquid that promises to reduce fat in the body. It is generally consumed after meals to lower the increase in blood sugar levels that usually happen after meals.

Does Apple Cider Vinegar really help you in losing weight?

No. It doesn’t. There’s no scientific research that tells you that having apple cider vinegar continuously can reduce the body fat magically.

What food makes you lose weight Myths Clearing Facts & Research December 2022

Apple Cider Vinegar has many benefits like making you feel full for a longer period of time (which may reduce your calorie intake thereby making you lose weight), reducing blood pressure, killing harmful microbes, improving PCOS symptoms, etc. but it cannot magically burn or ‘melt’ fat as you might be thinking.

It may make a very little shift in your weight due to increased metabolism & the feeling of fullness that comes with it but better results can be achieved by eating fiber-rich foods & exercising.

2) Drinking different beverages early in the morning

Few people tend to consume different homemade spice-infused water early in the morning to lose weight that are absolutely useless for reducing fat. It may surely have other benefits but helping you lose weight isn’t one of them.

What food makes you lose weight are the home remedies firstly preferred:

What food makes you lose weight

1 .Lukewarm water + Honey + Lemon is a drink that most people have & let me burst your bubble that honey is a source of carbohydrate which means it is a form of sugar that you are having early in the morning & your body doesn’t require this at all. Several websites out there are claiming this to be effective, but when you think logically, you can very well understand that there’s no ingredient in here that can ‘flush down’ your body fat.

2. Ajwain + Saunf + jeera water will also not make you lose weight. The spices surely have antioxidant properties but it cannot help you burn calories.

What food makes you lose weight

3. Water with a pinch of cinnamon & a pinch of black pepper is also very ineffective for weight loss. It may help you increase metabolism & cinnamon, specially is known for its various medicinal properties like treating digestive problems, curing respiratory illness, reducing inflammation but it won’t help you reach your weight loss goals.

4. Drinking Green Tea is also ineffective for weight loss.

[Read the article ‘Does Green Tea help in losing weight?’ for further details]

Can Green Tea Helps in weight loss,What food makes you lose weight
Can Green Tea Helps in weight loss

3) Cooking with Coconut Oil 

You need to very well understand that coconut oil is a fat like every other oil so adding copious amounts of coconut oil to food or making every meal with coconut oil will not make you lose weight.

You can use it because it has shown to increase HDL levels that is the ‘good’ cholesterol levels in the body & it also reduces inflammation, promotes insulin sensitivity in a person.

What food makes you lose weight

There is little to no evidence supporting the use of coconut oil as a potent fat reducer in the body. So, it should not be used as the magic ingredient that can enhance weight loss but it can be used for cooking keeping other health benefits in mind.

4) Popping slimming pills & tonics 

What food makes you lose weight

Do not use weight loss supplements as they can have adverse side effects in the long run. It may also pose as a hindrance to absorbing fat-soluble vitamins & can cause deficiency diseases.

You cannot just eat anything & everything & then pop a slimming pill to counteract the amount of fat that you have just consumed. No matter what the commercials are claiming their products to be, this is impossible & never a probable solution.

Concluding thoughts

There is no alternative to good balanced nutrition, regular exercise, sufficient water intake & adequate sleep. Do not fall for these diet fads & waste your time & energy in trying each & every thing you hear or see gain popularity among people.

If you want to lose weight, then the only way to do that is being in calorie deficit. Burn more calories than you consume to make use of that stored fat in your body. When you eventually use that fat then only you can get rid of it. There’s no other way to make it vanish.

Have more proteins than carbohydrate but do not cut carbs altogether from your diet. Have foods rich in dietary fiber & exercise actively for at least 45 min every day. Sleep for at least 8 hours a day for proper functioning of your body & stress less.

Hope you have found this article useful!  

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