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What to eat to remove pimples best diet for acne & Pimples on Skin

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What to eat to remove pimples ?…..

Indian Effective Diet to Fight acne & Pimples on Skin :

Pimples annoy the hell out of us, there I’ve said it. Besides ruining our face, pimples & acne also take the sole responsibility to ruin our confidence & self-esteem. People try every treatment possible to get rid of those notorious pa pules, but sometimes, it’s all in vain.

What to eat to remove pimples best diet for acne & Pimples on Skin
What to eat to remove pimples best diet for acne

So, here we have come up with a few simple dietary recommendations, as promised, that you can easily follow from the comfort of your home to get rid of those pimples from the roots:

Get sufficient dose of omega-3-fatty acid

Omega 3 What to eat to remove pimples best diet for acne & Pimples on Skin
Omega 3 best diet for acne & Pimples on Skin
  • We all know the numerous benefits omega-3-fatty acids come with & one of its greatest abilities is to fight acne’s. So, consume foods like nuts, olives, olive oil, seeds, salmon, soybeans, seeds, spinach, tofu, avocados, etc.

Submerge yourself in fiber-rich foods!

What to eat to remove pimples best diet for acne & Pimples on Skin
  • Well” not literally, but fiber rich-foods will help control the sudden sugar hike in the blood one has just after the intake of food that are not packed with enough fiber. Sugar is one of the main criminals behind the appearance of pimples & acne’s & fiber-rich foods helps to control the blood sugar levels & do not let the insulin mess with your system.

Foods like oats, ragi, barley, brown bread, berries, melon, oranges, nuts, vegetables, apples, etc. are few items you should consider adding to your meal daily.

Swear by Vitamin E & Vitamin A

tamin E & Vitamin A
vitamin E & Vitamin A
  • Vitamin E are popular for healing the skin & rejuvenating it. You can have 1 Vitamin E tablets everyday but always consult a doctor before popping any pill. Although you can get your daily dose of vitamins from natural foods like spinach, red bell pepper, almonds, peanuts, sunflower oil, etc.

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Vitamin A is also one of the nutrients that will reduce the severity of pimples & acne. Foods packed with Vitamin A are carrots, red & yellow bell peppers, sweet potato, dried apricots, tomatoes, etc.

These are few recommendations that don’t involve too much effort & are generally available in the market at an affordable price. These cost way less than those expensive serums & creams that you hoard on to make your skin glow & get better.

This is just one part of your healing process. We are soon coming up with more. Till then, stay healthy & eat healthily!

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