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Whatsapp Hacks & How to prevent Whatsapp hack

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whatsapp hacks :

WhatsApp messenger is an app that needs no introduction in today’s age & time. Everyone in the world is connected through this app & it offers a wide range of services. Beginning from video calls to group chat, WhatsApp is a very user-friendly app & is popular for all the good reasons.

There are a few questions you might have regarding WhatsApp that we’d like to answer today in this article.

How to Save or Prevent WhatsApp Chats from Hackers?

I know you might be thinking that WhatsApp chats are claimed to be ‘end-to-end encrypted’ then how can there be any possible hacking. Well, let me break down this to you – Surely, your chats cannot be hacked from WhatsApp but hackers can get access to your chats from the cloud storage of your phone that has all your backed-up chats because your cloud storage isn’t encrypted.

So, here we will discuss few ways how you can protect your privacy:

Whatsapp Hacks Prevention Methods

Do not click on random links 

I’m sure you have received random links from random people in your WhatsApp chat or in your message inbox or in your emails. Do not fall for this.

They may tempt you saying that you have won some award or reward & you can claim it by clicking the link. I’m sure you are smart enough to understand that nothing comes so easy in life so nobody’s out there donating rewards for nothing. So, just delete them.

Do not download random files sent to you by strangers. These links can help hackers track information.

Do not backup your chats

Chat backup is a very useful tool in WhatsApp & I personally swear by it. It helps you to retrieve all your old chats & documents if you are using WhatsApp with the same number on a new or a different phone. If you happen to uninstall for some reasons, then you don’t have to worry about losing your older chats as you have the ‘chat backup’ option to save your chats.

Whatsapp hacks ,

But this option can also be a headache when it comes to privacy. Hackers can have a way into your chats from this cloud storage. So, its best to disable backing up your chats but you will end up losing all your older chats if you uninstall the app or use it any other device.

You can do this by following these few steps:

WhatsApp Settings — Chats —- ‘Chat Backup’ — ‘Back up to Google Drive’ — ‘Never’.

If unfortunately you have set it to other backup options in the past than there are ways to delete that chat backup follow below given steps

how to delete whatsapp chat backup

There are two sources where your chat backup is stored to delete them permanently you need to visit file manager and search for whatsapp –> backup –> then delete all the files with msg extension

After deleting from file manager visit Google Drive which was attached to your whatsapp account when account backup is confirmed then delete whatsapp chat backup over there .

Manually check encryption 

  • It’s always a good idea to double-check things & there’s nothing different with WhatsApp encryption. You can manually check the encryption by:

Go to the person’s chat — tap on the name — tap on ‘Encryption’ — a unique code pops up — verify it with the contact whether the code is same.

This is the security code. You can scan the code to verify or ask the contact whether they have the same 40-digits at their end.

I hope you have found this article useful & you will have no problem in protecting your privacy. Even after following all these rules, please be careful of any fraudsters & hackers & do not share any personal details until you have verified the source & it is very crucial to do so.l

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